For over 20 years, WLM has been the “go-to” manufacturer of wet wipes and liquid filling for select Fortune 500 consumer product companies and mid-size suppliers, generating over $40M in annual revenues. Poor management and the loss of a big customer – representing 40% of sales – sent WLM on a downward spiral. Their (lack of) operating strategy had placed them in a near-bankruptcy situation with a bottom line loss of over $1M.

We implemented a combination of proprietary workflow and LEAN-friendly methodologies in operations and finance. Simultaneously, we deployed aggressive working capital tactics to substantially improve WLM’s cash position. In less than 24 months, the company generated a 10+% swing in EBITDA placing WLM in the upper quartile of industry performance. Improvements in working capital management generated significant interest from numerous lenders leading to a 100% increase in debt capacity with below-average interest rates.

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