Investment Process

TOC Equity Partners encourages inquiries directly from business owners and managers, as well as from intermediaries, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and consultants.

Business plans are not a requirement for a discussion; Partners will pay finder’s fees in cash (or equity, when appropriate) for introductions that lead to completed transactions; all information is held in strict confidence and we maintain an extensive list of professional references including our limited partners, lenders, legal counsel, accountants and other professionals.

businessman point on business process

Upon identifying an investment opportunity, TOC Equity Partners will execute a confidentiality agreement and quickly initiate a preliminary due diligence review.  As early in the process as possible, we will seek to enter into a non-binding letter of intent.  Upon execution, we will complete a formal due diligence review in combination with our lenders, concurrent with the negotiation of a formal acquisition agreement.

The objectives of our process are to:

  • Assess the product/service capabilities, financial performance and management team;
  • Assess the market opportunity for continued growth – organic or acquisitive;
  • Identify the value our operational methodologies will provide customers, and resulting marketing/sales strategies;
  • Quantify the valuation parameters of the investment;
  • Structure the investment to align the interest of the sellers, management, employees and TOC Equity Partners; and,
  • Quickly respond to the opportunity and efficiently complete the transaction.