Investment Strategy

Every company, management team and transaction is different, and we apply a bespoke approach to every situation. However, we focus on the following three essential elements in each transaction:

  • Highly-Successful Management Teams.  We retain and/or recruit top caliber executives who will be our partners in developing and leading a tactical revenue and profitability growth strategy. Our three managing directors have built a network of accomplished professionals to ensure long-term success.
  • Middle-Market Company.  We identify and acquire well-positioned business with high-growth potential and existing growth opportunities.
  • Path to High Growth and Profitability.  We help companies reach and exceed their potential by identifying growth and operational improvement opportunities.

Our approach is to invest in lower-middle market companies that have an experienced management team; an EBITDA in excess of $1 million; have the ability to generate strong recurring revenues from existing customers; have relevant market ownership of less than 10%; and, maintain a customer-centric approach focused on enhanced products, services, capabilities and/or geographic expansion. We seek to invest $1 to $5 million to secure a controlling position in the platform company.